Community Worship
Worship is one way we express our love for God.
Through regular worship, God teaches us through the scriptures and draws us closer to one another.


Learning in Community
Learning enables us to grow in our faith.
Studying together opens us to the live of others –
others who are struggling with the same questions and issues.


Prayer and Meditation
Prayer and meditation are essential.
In a world where we are all addicted to being busy, regular prayer can help us break our habit of selfishness – and instead, open up and list to what God is saying to us.


Service helps us to build relationships with those in our community.
Scripture teaches that if we want to experience God, if we want to serve him, if we want to communion with him, then we need to be in relationship with the poor, the prisoner, the hungry, the sick.


Giving opens us our hearts and hands to serve Christ and our community in new ways.
Regular giving of our money, our resources and our time helps us to recognize that our love is meant to be a gift to others and not a treasure that we hoard for ourselves.